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       ADAM ROGERS     ​

Author and Journalist



On colors

Spectra, rainbows, art fights, and the language of color vision


Physics, biology, urbanism, health, pandemics


Stars—that's Wars and Trek. Superheroes. Theme parks. General geekery.


The science of making it, drinking it, and getting hung over from it


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A senior correspondent for Business Insider, Adam Rogers grew up in Los Angeles and started his career in journalism as a fact checker at Newsweek, where he reported on everything from the birth of the World Wide Web to the business of Star Wars. He also covered the presidential campaigns of Bill Bradley and Al Gore.

After Newsweek, Adam was a Knight Science Journalism Fellow at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where he studied urban ecology and the science of color. He then began a long stint as an 

editor and writer at Wired. His article “The Angels’ Share” won a AAAS/Kavli award, and his piece “The Science of Why No One Agrees on the Color of This Dress” remains one of the most-read pieces of journalism on the internet. Since starting at Business Insider in 2022, Adam has uncovered why LED streetlights are turning purple, explored how America can build infrastructure and more.

Adam is a graduate of Pomona College and has a Masters degree in science journalism from Boston University. He lives in the California Bay Area.



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